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What kind of Secondary Glazing do you supply?

We offer an architectural aluminium secondary glazing system anchored into a hardwood sub frame for maximum sound and thermal insulation and efficiency, fully glazed and should not be confused with upvc or aluminium diy kits, it is fitted in St Paul's Cathedral and Teesside airport to name a tiny few of the architectural projects that this system has been used. We do not offer upvc as it is not rigid enough for sound insulating purposes,

How should I measure for my Secondary Glazing Unit?

We recommend you allow 10mm clearance to allow for out of square reveals for ease of installation, manufacturing and measuring tolerances. You may wish to allow less than 10mm but this may mean you will require a plane or sharp chisel you centralise the unit in the opening leaving 5mm all around and apply silicone sealant or caulk. In reality is is highly unlikely that you will have a 5mm gap.

Do you supply Secondary Glazing Units without a subframe?

The timber subframe is a vital part of our system and gives increased sound and thermal insulation over and above systems without a subframe, for this reason we do not offer a system without the subframe which we think are substandard.

Do you supply Double Glazed Secondary Glazing?

We offer the only secondary double glazing system that takes a 26mm hermetically sealed unit. If you require increased sound insulation you should specify one of the glass types mentioned in our sound insulation figures If you are interested in increased thermal insulation you should consider Pilkington K glass. A double-glazed secondary glazing system would need to be very bulky and heavy looking.

Will the Secondary Glazing unit help reduce condensation on my window?

Certainly our customers report that condensation is dramatically reduced and very often completely eliminated, however we are unable to offer a guarantee in this respect as it is down to your lifestyle and ventilation as well as our products,

What is the difference between horizontal sliders and vertical sliders?

Do you require a horizontal sliding units which slide from side to side, or do you require a vertical sliding units which slide up and down, many people say one when they actually mean the other, if you require horizontal sliding units I will need to know how many panels you require in each unit.

What do I do if my window reveal is not completely square?

Where your reveals are out of square or uneven there are a number of options, where the differences are substantial you would measure to the smallest size and "make up" the difference with timber. Where the differences are slight you would measure to the largest point and scribe (trim) the hardwood sub frame to suit the uneven or out of square reveal. Alternatively you could strike a middle path between the above options. have you considered how you will ventilate these rooms and how you might escape in the event of a fire by using lift out units, you may be saving a quid or two but in respect of health and safety you are doing yourself and your family no favours. I think that you would be wise to revisit our we site and look at the options that our product offers, you may even be breaking building regulations!

What is the difference between balanced and non-balanced secondary glazing units?

Balanced units work on a spiral balance, this mechanism takes the weight of the "sash" making it very light to open and meaning that the "sash" will remain in any open position that you place it. On the non balanced version you take the weight of the "sash" and you engage a series of clips so that the "sash" can remain open. Non balanced are fine for windows that you rarely open or are small in size, otherwise we recommend balanced units, Due to restrictions as a result of the spiral balance BVS units will not give you a full 50% clear opening where as VS units will give a full 50% clear opening.

Do you have technical support available that I can contact regarding installation on my windows?

We offer full and unlimited telephone support starting with the measuring procedure and including help during the actual installation. During the measuring process we can offer assistance usually aided with digital images and/or sketches provided by your self. Each of our secondary glazing units are set into a hardwood subframe, therefore if you join units as you have requested the finished job will be aesthetically "heavy" looking and will cost you a small fortune. Where the two units join you would have a "bar" that is 126mm thick. A more practical and cost effective solution is to use horizontal or vertical sliding units. You will achieve a slim line and more pleasing effect in this way and save yourself some money.

How long can I expect this secondary glazing to last?

The life expectation of our product is in excess of 35 years, each and every unit being covered by a five-year comprehensive manufacturers guarantee.

What are the delivery options and charges for secondary glazing?

We offer free nationwide delivery on all orders valued at over £100 Nett our quotation is for delivery to the UK mainland only, we may be able to offer delivery off shore, please enquire.

Will extras be discounted too?

Any extras quoted for above or in subsequent quotations are quoted nett of discounts and do not include VAT, that is to say we have already given you the discount and VAT is to be added outside of our VAT offer period.

Does toughened glass mean better sound insulation?

Toughened glass does not have any additional sound insulation properties when compared to float (window) glass, however, as demonstrated by our sound insulation figures below laminated glass (and acoustic laminated glass) provides additional sound insulation as well as complying with current safety standards. Laminated glass also provides increased security and cuts UV solar radiation by nearly 100% (this stops your furniture and carpets from fading)

Can you send me a sample of some secondary glazing?

We think that our web site contains sufficient information for you to evaluate the quality of our products however we do offer a corner sample service at a subsided rate of £35.00 including postage and packing. You will find images of our corner sample and the finishes that we offer on the following page


Once you have read the document do not hesitate to contact us should you need any help or advice. Included below are details of our VAT offer, sound insulation figures and tips, brief installation details,ordering and payment details, delivery times and our company details;

This is an architectural aluminium secondary glazing system anchored into a hardwood subframe for maximum sound and thermal insulation and efficiency, it is glazed with Pilkington 4mm annealed float glass as standard and fully assembled and should not be confused with upvc or aluminium diy kits, it is fitted in St Paul's Cathedral and Teesside airport to name a tiny few of the architectural projects that this system has been used and is the best selling domestic systems available in the UK.

"WE PAY THE VAT OFFER" This quotation is valid for 30 days and if you place an order during this time we will pay the VAT element of the quotation, in other words the figure before vat has been added is the figure that you pay, outside this time please add vat at the standard rate of 17.5%. Unless specifically stated above our quotation is based on our standard frame finish of white, glazed with 4mm Pilkington annealed float glass (window glass).

We offer the following frame finishes: - Please add 10% for van dyke (dark) brown finish or silver anodised (aluminium) finish, add 40% for light oak effect (LOE not available in every model). We can supply any RAL colour, there is a one off set up charge of £325.00 plus £21.00 per unit.On the following page you will find images of these frame finishes which we offer

Once you have reviewed our quotation and the sound insulation figures detailed below you may wish to enquire about the cost of upgrading the glass specification. If you have asked for a specific glazing type, our quotation will say "glazed as requested by you", if this term is not used we have just quoted for our standard glass type. If your windows are less than 800mm from the internal floor or within 300mm of a door you will need toughened or laminated safety glass at extra cost. This is to comply with Building Regulations and is vitally important. If in doubt please ask, as we are here to help you.

Vertical sliding units must have safety glass in both panels to comply with the regulations, if you have asked for the bottom panel only we will automatically allow for both panels in safety glass. If energy saving is your priority you may consider Pilkington K glass at extra cost, depending on the condition of your existing window you may achieve the following U values (the lower the figure the better the heat/energy saving):- single glazed window 5.6 W/m2K double glazed window 2.80 W/m2K double glazed window with K glass 1.9 W/m2K single glazed window with Protech secondary glazing 2.80 W/m2K single glazed window with Protech secondary glazing glazed in K glass 1.9 W/m2K the thickness of the glass used has no affect on the U value.

Explanation of our 50% discount offer

We have a list price for all of our products, from which we offer a discount for quantity, the more that you spend the higher the discount. Our highest discount is normally 40%, however as the Internet is such an economical way of doing business we can offer an even larger discount of 50% on all orders. We have made savings in brochure printing, newspaper and directory advertising, postal costs, petrol and even our phone bill and we have passed these saving on to our customers. The Internet means that we offer more product for less money meaning better value for money for the customer and a hassle free way of buying double glazed products.

Explanation of our "we will pay the VAT offer"

Legally we must charge VAT, therefore we are offering an additional discount to cover the VAT element, this is equivalent to an additional 15% discount, and we can give this discount, as there are no salesman's commissions for us to pay out. That is to say if our product normally costs £400.00 plus £70.00 vat, total £470.00 we will give you a £70.00 discount. Therefore you will pay £400.00 and your invoice will read as follows £340.42 plus vat £59.58 total £400.00. If you are a self-builder or registered for vat you can claim the £59.58 vat content on your next vat return.

Ordering and Installation

Fit yourself and save a small fortune. I cannot over emphasize that our product arrives fully assembled, fully glazed and shrink-wrapped. You remove the shrink wrapping, offer the pre-drilled unit into the window reveal or up to the existing window for face fix and screw the unit into position. You then silicone seal the perimeter and use the cover strips provided to cover the fixing holes and screws on the face of the timber subframe. On request larger units can be delivered with the outer frame dis-assembled for easy re-assembly inside your property, very large units arrive in this way for transport reasons.

You have a choice of 62mm reveal fix or 42mm face fix, with face fix you screw the units directly onto your existing window, usually used in sash window installations, where as with reveal fix the unit is screwed onto your interior window cill and plasterwork surrounding your windows. We call this area the reveal however it is sometimes referred to as the recess, this method giving you a cavity between your window and the secondary glazing and is usually used where you have typical casement (opening out) windows. We will require written confirmation as to which particular option you require, if in doubt please ask, we are here to help you achieve a successful project. The images on the following page will help you in this regard:-

We offer full and unlimited telephone support starting with the measuring procedure and including help during the actual installation. During the measuring process we can offer assistance usually aided with digital images and/or sketches provided by yourself. With bay windows a full sized paper template of the "angles" is helpful. You can order by e-mail, instructions on the following page,

We recommend that you place your order using the format shown on the above pages including actually showing that you are deducting the recommended clearances. The reason for this is that one of he most common errors is that people deduct 100mm/10cm (four inches) instead of 10mm/1cm (3/8"), by showing the complete calculation we can both be confident that you have not made this error. The most common error is that people call vertical sliding units horizontal units and visa versa. Horizontal sliding units slide from side to side,left to right/right to left. Vertical sliding units slide up and down as does a sash window. By using our measuring format you will eliminate this error. If you decide not to use our ordering format we cannot be held responsible for any wrongly ordered/manufactured units. This applies equally to your original enquiry.

These statements are designed to help you, not to frighten you, our customers usually have no problems in this area however once every twelve months or so some-one ends up with units that are 3-5/8" or 90mm too small, that is a very small number given the fact that we deliver thousands of units per annum, however we feel that one error is one too many.

We ask that you do not send attachments (spread sheets, picture, diagrams, scans etc) unless we have specifically requested them. We do not have the time to file and catalogue every attachment sent to us so it is much simpler for you and us if you simply type out your enquiry into the body of an e-mail. We are always happy to receive before, during and after pictures. if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help you and to make sure that you enjoy a successful project

Sound Reductions Information

We would expect to achieve the following sound reductions as follows dependent on the primary window being in good condition: - A) Existing single glazed window 27db Existing double glazed window 25db (the higher the db number the higher the sound insulation value, yes, dg units offer LESS sound insulation than a single pane of glass, source Pilkingtons) B) Secondary glazing: - 4 - 100 - 4mm float glass 40-42db 4 - 150 - 4mm float glass 42-43db 4 - 100 - 6mm Float glass 42-43db 4 - 150 - 6mm Float glass 45bd 4 - 100 - 6.4mm Laminated safety glass 44-45db 4 - 150 - 6.4mm Laminated safety glass 45-47db 4 - 100 - 6.4mm Stadip Silence Acoustic Laminated glass 46-47db 4 - 150 - 6.4mm Stadip Silence Acoustic Laminated glass 47-48db The first figure is the glass in your existing window. The second figure is the "cavity" formed between your existing window and our secondary glazing unit. The third figure is the glass type available in our secondary glazing units. Deduct A from B to give you the additional sound insulation that our secondary glazing gives over and above your existing situation, To put these figures in perspective the higher the db number the higher the sound insulation value, A reduction of 3db is in actual fact a reduction in noise pollution of 50%, effectively halving the amount of noise entering your property. By way of explanation of the above statement a pneumatic drill generates 100db of noise pollution, two drills combined generate 103db, remove one drill and you are back to 100db, what looks like a small reduction of only 3db is in actual fact a reduction in noise pollution of 50%,  If the air gap is increased from 100 to 150 (50% increase) then the sound reductions is increased by approximately 25%. At Park Lane we achieved the following: 4mm - 180 air gap - 6.4mm Stadip = 52dB reduction For sound insulation "tips" please visit the following page,


Delivery takes two to four weeks depending on your location and the time of year. For remote areas please allow up to six weeks. When the units are ready and our transport is in your area we will contact you to arrange delivery, You can pay by credit/debit card or cheque, There is a 2% charge for payment by credit card, no surcharge for debit cards, please do not send card details by e-mail, we will contact you by telephone for this information or you could post a cheque payable to Protech Ltd, Payment by credit card covers the full value of your purchase under the Consumer Credit Act and ensures your complete confidence in the transaction. We require your address and phone number, day and evening and at that point I will forward your order to our sales dept who will contact you by telephone to finalise the details and answer any questions that you may have, If you are paying by credit card the card must be registered to the property where we are delivering the goods. Company Information, the boring but important stuff.

The company was established in May 1978 as a partnership and became a limited company in May 1985, (registration number 02856348), You can check this out by going to Companies House and searching for Protech Limited in the free web check area, please use the following link (The WebCHeck service is available from Monday to Saturday 7.00am to 12 Midnight UK Time). For your peace of mind we are FENSA registered (reg no.12060), we are also licensed by the Office of Fair Trading (reg no.594886) and have full and comprehensive Public Liability Insurance to the value of £3 million and £10 million Employee Liability Insurance. We are also licensed by the Environment Agency (reg no. YDA/149960) and we are members of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and the Conservatory Association. Our VAT registration number is 440 9298 38, We are one of a very few number of companies within our industry who are allowed to accept credit card payments for their products, due to the "here today, gone tomorrow" nature of the double glazing trade credit card companies do not want to deal with this industry. Your confidence in us can be further re-enforced by the fact that we own our premises outright and do not operate from rented premises, all of our manufacturing equipment and office equipment is also wholly owned by the company and NOT subject to lease or finance agreements. In February 2007 we purchased additional premises which will become our new head quarters as of March 19th, 2007, these premises are again wholly owned and are not subject to any borrowings or mortgages. the new address is included in the signature file at the bottom of each e-mail. our phone number remains unchanged. Finally we have been trading successfully on the Internet since September 1996 and on the web pages listed below you will find testimonials received from our customers in that time.

Kind regards The Estimating Team @ Protech Direct

PS We do not supply fixing screws or silicone sealant.

NB I: as our units are made to measure they are not covered by the Distance Selling Regulations; your Statutory Rights are not effected,

NB II: Should you decide to proceed with this quotation it will be subject to the approval of our technical department.

PPS. You may wish to look at the company's full history which is published on the following page which includes pictures of our new premises and a picture of our customer service team, the people who are actually dealing with your enquiry,

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